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We use QuickBooks and will show you how it can improve your efficiency and accuracy


As QuickBooks ProAdvisors we provide services to help business owners who need bookkeeping and payroll services managed through QuickBooks.

Over the years, many businesses have asked us to provide support for their accounting and QuickBooks needs. 

We provide:

  • Personalized QuickBooks Training

  • Standard QuickBooks set-up

  • Custom small business QuickBooks set-up

  • Monthly QuickBooks Bookkeeping

  • Technical support for QuickBooks

Hands On Daily Control

Here at EMC Financial Management Resources we take full advantage of QuickBooks and other similar software programs performing most day-to-day bookkeeping operations. It is essential to have hands on control of cash flow, check writing, and daily money management tasks. Our online accounting payroll service is just one of the many businesses tools we employ in assisting you to help meet your business goals and deadlines. Since our office is a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor, you can be sure EMC Financial Management Resources will provide you with expert care in setting up this complex software package.

Setting up QuickBooks
If you have not set up your accounting software program, we highly recommend you call us first so we can guide you through the critical decisions during set up. For the small business owner, it is very easy to make costly mistakes during the initial stages of setup.

QuickBooks Support 
As your Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor, we will save your business time, money, and aggravation.  We will continually be there to advise, support, and guide you and your staff during critical stages throughout the year. With our guidance, you will learn the basic accounting concepts needed to help you better monitor the financial condition of your business.

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